Scholars And Regulators Grapple With The Future Of Drones – Yahoo News


The FAA is pursuing an appeal . In 2012, Congress tasked the FAA with safely integrating drones into U.S. airspace by September 2015. This involves creating air traffic regulations similar to, and able to coexist with, airplane and helicopter regulations. However, the FAA is not addressing the kind of data and photos that drones would be able to collect. Instead, President Obama will soon issue an executive order tasking the Commerce Departments National Telecommunications and Information Administration with filling in the gaps. The NTIA will likely only address privacy concerns for private drones, however. For its part, the Supreme Court has not yet ruled whether or not data collected by an aerial drone conducting surveillance can be considered a search, in the case of government drones, or a trespass, in the case of private drones. In general, violations of privacy are calibrated to reasonable expectations.
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